Musum Paul Delouvrier in Evry

From Sacred Art to Contemporary Creation 

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The Cathedral of Evry, south of Paris, is the work of the Swiss architect Mario Botta. The Paul Delouvrier Museum, inaugurated in 2007 is on the upper floor with a view over a NEW TOWN. The twenty or so miniature scenes created or restored by Madeleine Schlumberger, known as « Marie d’Ailleurs », relate to popular piety. They are exhibited in a closed space known as the « Ecrin » (Jewelbox), and the scenography of light and shade lends itself to contemplation.Wax characters, lead shadows, the wooden structures of earlier times, decors made from paper or fragile textiles, innumerable tiny objects dating mainly from the nineteenth century – all are combined to decorate these scenes of devotion.



Centre d’Art Paul Delouvrier

12 Clos de la Cathédrale
91000 EVRY


Tel. +33 1 60 75 02 71
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How to get there:
From Paris
RER Ligne D
Ligne SNCF Ile-de-France

Corbeil-Essonnes – Melun
/Gare de Lyon

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Eglise Baroque Espagnole
(Spanish Baroque Church) – Photo © Pino Musi

The inspiration for The Baroque Church, with its relics, its silver hearts and exvotos came from Spain. The Carmelite Cells or the representations of Mary Magdalen are traditional in Provence and the Pièta and the Bambino come from Italy. Christ in the Tomb, with its blown glass bubbles, was found near the Rhine and the Chapel in the Mountain Heights invents a landscape in the Bavarian Alps.
These scenes bear witness to the religious sentiments as well as to the life of the times. Marie d’Ailleurs has brought them to life and given them meaning. The spectator can find his own childhood memories in them.


« Step outside your everyday life. Go down into the untroubled depths of your memory and rediscover the child – that is the heart’s approach »

La Création
(The Creation) – photo © Pino Musi.

Oratoire de Soeur Sainte Thècle
(Sister St. Thècle’s Oratory) – photo © Pino Musi.